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About Curation Tool

What is Curation

Curation is a process where the users on a social network curate the posts. Curate means to vote a post written by a user of the social media platform.

In crypto platforms like Blurt, Hive, Steem where we do have social media built on blockchain and have actions that generate a transaction with rewarding tokens. So curation helps an author earn from votes he get, as well help the curator or the voter to earn something in return.

The Curation Tool

The curation tool is built to help the curators who want to know what content they have curated, so they can share the daily, weekly or monthly as a proof of their work. Because they need to show they are actively supporting the users as well the community, so the report helps a lot. It also helps the authors to know that they are being votes.

The curation tool can generate reports in Markdown/HTML that you can use to paste directly in the post editors of social media. It checks through the curators account history on Blockchain and filters out vote based on user selected parameters like

  • Date of the report
  • Minimum Vote Weight
  • User/Curator

The tool generates a list with the image, title and link to the post along with username of the author of the curated post. It also let you add the Title and Footer to the report that you can share with the list generated. We will be adding more features and updating the tool

Why need of Curation Tool

Sometimes curation can be tough as it is not a job that rewards heavily. It can take more time as most of the time curation projects dont have many people as its not that beneficial in start. Even if they do, manual work is more and sometimes can be ignored.

So, this tool helps to provide the easy way of generating and sharing the report with so many filters. We let you take some of your precious time of curation and let it to a good use

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